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About Jeremiah Doucette

Find your creative light

Welcome family, friends, and creatures of all kinds. I would like to thank you for taking the time and coming to my little part of the internet.  


Art is more than a hobby to me, it's in my blood, and it's why I wake up in the morning. I have a mission to make the world a bit more beautiful and magical than when I arrived. I want to create art that inspires people to adventure, travel, break free of societal norms, and live the life they were meant to live.


I started my artistic journey while traveling to the opposite side of the world, with nothing more than a backpack on my shoulders and a sketchbook in my hands. I didn’t realize it at the time, but there was a creative light flickering in my heart that needed room to breathe. I had spent most of my life suppressing creativity because of insecurity and social pressures. It took leaving my home to realize I could be whomever I wanted to be. I invite everyone to find their true calling, to be weird, to break the social norms, and to follow the creative light in their heart. 

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