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These are some of my favorite projects that I have worked on. Some of these are still in the work-in-progress stage and some are completed gems. I have learned so many valuable lessons while creating these, and each lesson I learn makes the next project that much better. 


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The Prince's Hunt

The Prince's Hunt is a traditional hand-painted children's book, about a young prince that is forced out into the wilderness by the king to hunt an evil bear. 


Mr Moon's Adventures

Mr. Moon's Adventures was my first crack at making a children's book. This was the true story of Mr. Moon, a fearless cat that hitched a ride with two cyclists from Slovakia all the way to The Netherlands. Through this project, I learned key design principles that I still use today in my work.

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Good Night Baboosan 

Good Night Baboosan was my first attempt to write and illustrate a story from start to finish. Through this project, I learned the importance and difficulties of making creating sequential art.



Ameri-Khan Is a comic book that I have worked on both writing and illustrating. It is an American western set in the 1800s. I learned how to create a story with continuity in both the artwork and the writing.

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